Transforming earrings

Posted by Miguel Monzon on

" Women love the idea of dressing up their jewelry, changing, mixing, layering. the Idea of taking old pieces and adding to them or surrounding with new or different colors, is fun and exciting". I'm paraphrasing Jessica McCormack, London based jeweler.

" Double duty earrings are a mainstay in any collection", Kiki McDonough, another London Designer, was inspired by a situation that kept coming up in her own life. "I was at my son's soccer game and had to very quickly change into evening wear, I wanted earrings that I could wear with jeans and dress up to go out to dinner"

That is why I think creating pieces that you can change drops on a dangle earring and go from an all day running around to just popping on different colors, shapes and textures gives you such a versatile piece as the Cambios  3 in 1 Design

As stated In Bloomberg BusinessWeek, By Hyla Bauer


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