About me


    I am Miguel Monzon

  “I want to bring value to your life”

I started working in the world of jewelry in 1980.  I worked myself up to master jeweler in NJ. “I want to bring you value dedicate to helping emerging designers boost their brand and confidence.

 It is my mission to provide the best personal experience and skills to teach you to innovate, to create and become a confident jeweler.

Get ready to turn your inspirations into designs with our Jewelry design courses. Each student will learn proficiency and increasing complex projects, from soldering techniques, building directly in metal, how to illustrate, form and shape using several tools, and more.

Making jewelry is not as easy as it looks but together, we can make the different “practice makes perfect”.

Jewelry fabrication and stone setting requires exceptional hand skills, focus, and a thorough understanding of materials. Throughout your studies, you will continuously challenge yourself and fine tune your skills. You will create and repair jewelry of lasting value using traditional techniques.  

Miguel Monzon.