I want to empower your skills

It is my mission to provide the best personal experience, to teach you to innovate, to create and become a confident jeweler.

From handmade designs to wax carving, stone setting, texture finish to creating components, closures, snaps and clasp. I will teach you to build directly in metal, to expand your brand, strengthen your skills. 


Available classes for the next 90 day

> Building directly in metal

>Designing for your brand, how to make Your designs stand out

>Wax carvings to create molds, to be more efficient

 >Stone setting, the unusual

>Assembling design without soldering

>Soldering techniques that work

>Fabricate your own clasp, your logo, initials

>Build your cuff directly in metals

>Hinges, snaps, clasp

>Build YOUR hoops earrings, your way

>Piercing metal, for personalization designs

>Make a ring, directly from a genuine coin, commemorate special dates for your clients

>Earring building with a bezel

>How to work with post and French clip backs to give value to your clients

>All about Rings, sizing, repairing, prong retipping, shank replacement

>Designing with negative space

>Building a three stone ring, directly in metal

>Making interchangeable designs.

>Fabricating a ring from flat sheet

>Making a swivel earrings post, bails, hinges

>How to make a spring hinge mechanism QSH System.

>Soldering two types of metals, know how they behave and what type of solder to use